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Friday, February 29, 2008

NCLEX Application Assistance in Manila - For the Ignorant?

I wouldn't want to mention the company name lest I get my self in trouble. However, I found one of the the companies that offer assistance for the NCLEX application. They charge an amount of about 5 to 6 thousand pesos to allegedly to assist you with your application process. However, after closely checking what they would be doing for you, you'd find out that everything that they would provide you are forms which are downloadable from the internet! What's worse is that they will just ask you to provide them the documents you would need to submit. Isn't that the same as just submitting them yourself?

So, if I were you, I'd check on what these companies would be doing for you instead before I even pay them. After all, the nclex review centers would probably provide you practically the same service for free. In case you'd like to check out the application process, check out the state you would like to get a license from at

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