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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Keeping Whites White - Laundering White Clothes

Keeping white clothes shimmering white is not an easy task specially because I'm not really used to doing the laundry. But my maid has taught me stuff and at 43, I'm now better at doing it. Still, despite the knowledge, the skill of doing it does not follow. I don't know how to hand wash clothes which was required to do the whites. The stain on clothes usually come from a mixture of dirt, grime and grease. But I've found a better way to do it.

First, I would immerse the clothes overnight in the washing machine with water and a mixture of about 1 tsp oxalic crystals, 1/4 cup Chlorox, some liquid washing detergent (I use excel all purpose detergent which is good for washing dishes), and about 2 heaping tablespoons of washing machine detergent. The excel will ensure that the grease will be lifted from the clothes making the rest of the chemicals work better. At least that was my theory.

The following day, I'd wash the clothes in the same mixture in 3 wash cycles without rinsing. After the 3rd washing, I'd rinse the load. Then wash them again about 3 times in water with ordinary washing machine detergent. and voila! the clothes are white as new. Some clothes might require a little hand wash like the hem on the sleeves of shirts but the washing will only take about a minute or so. And there wouldn't be too many of those anymore. My maid is so glad I've discovered that. This time it was I who taught her how to do it.

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