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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Activity for Summer: A Family Photo Shoot Can Be Fun

Summer's here and the kids are home. Running out of ideas for activities this summer? Why not try a photo shoot with your own family. Go to a park or a zoo or even in your own neighborhood. Bring along as many digital cameras as you can and each member of the family can take his or her turn to use these. Then create a yahoo groups or flickr account and upload your pictures. Or make a movie out of it and save it to a disc.

We had one today in Tagaytay. We brought Boyet's D80, the old G2 and the Powershot A460. All three of us took pictures of the plants and other sceneries in the area. When we came home, we viewed them and had fun discussing the pictures. The best thing is that Ikee decided she can actually write about her own pictures in a blog. That's good. Aside from being able to practice taking pictures, she'll be able to practice her writing skills too. So, maybe next week we can go to the nearby Rainforest Park to photograph the butterflies.

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