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Monday, September 29, 2008

Recycling - Earning While Saving the Earth?

The Earth as we know it will soon disappear if we do not do our part to help save it. It is noble to just think of ways to support that cause. Where I am, it is rare for people to think that the world does need help. That those who try to save the world are outnumbered to the point that they don't seem to exist. But what if someone actually does something to help? These guys would be heroes!

There aren't too many businesses that are worth looking up to because they make a difference. I found a company that is actually recycling australia. Veolia is into all sorts of services in recycling in australia. In fact the company goes into not just industrial and residential recycling, they even have recycling for business.

The company uses many facilities to recycle and treat wastes. Landfill, composting, and electronic waste recovery to name a few. There are others which cater to most of the waste that are found in their country. And, as though they aren't into the business, they offer recycling tips for free to augment their efforts.

They're is doing such a great work that I think they should have a presence in every country and not just in australia. Starting with IEC, the impact would be tremendous even if just a small portion of the population of the world would be involved. Imagine if they were in places such as the US, Japan, Korea, Thailand and most of Asia? These countries would comprise about 40 percent of the whole globe but they generate more than 50 percent of the world's trash.

Great deeds can only come from those who care. You know when you truly want to make a difference, you'll find many ways to do so.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wheat Grass and Swimming - Any Connection?

Don't you think it strange to relate wheat grass to swimming? But when you really come to think of it, these two have a common denominator of being able to affect health.

I've heard of wheatgrass for some time now but I came across an exhibit at the Tiendesitas today of a company that endorses the plant as a health drink. Of course I was interested. For one, I'm an advocate of anything and everything that has an effect on health as my profession would dictate. Second is that I'm am currently part of a swimming competition organizing team and I've injected the idea of packaging the sport as part of a healthy lifestyle habit. It would only be natural to me to look into something that would be a potential exhibitor or sponsor.

I became more interested in the product when they had said the magic word (or words) - live enzymes! It hadn't been long since I had told my daughter's team the importance of adhering to probiotics. After all, one of the not so pleasant effects of swimming would be coming from the presence of undesirable bacteria in the water. With probiotics though, the risk of contracting diseases from water-borne microbes would be controlled by taking in bacteria that would naturally fight these unwanted "creatures".

So, I'm hoping that this company would join us during the competition. They seemed interested and excited in my proposal as I had been in both the competition/exhibit and their product.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Medals For Ikee

The swimming competition that Ikee just recently joined was held at the ULTRA. The Pasig Flying Dolphins Team, which she is a member of, organized and hosted the event where over 400 other swimmers participated in. Her events were, as usual, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. The first one, freestyle, she finished slower than usual. I was really surprised that she took a long time to swim the 25m course. According to her, the new goggles that I bought was too loose and she didn't have time to get her old one. So, she asked her teammate to let her borrow his. But, the goggles didn't fit her either that water went inside and she couldn't see. Which explains why she banged onto the lane marker and finished 2nd to the last in her heat. But because the heats were timed, she actually landed among the top ten. Moral: let her choose which goggles she'd like to wear.

Anyway, breast stroke is really her event so she earned a silver from the Class D 13-15 y.o. girls breast stroke event. She got to join in the Class B relay which actually earned her a gold. Good enough huh?

Best news is that the week before, her homeroom adviser-teacher in PCSHS announced that she is the only one in her class who made it to the honor roll this quarter. What's great is that the classmates commented that it didn't come as a surprise to them. Apparently, she has earned the respect of the other scholars.

Way to go baby!
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