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Monday, September 29, 2008

Recycling - Earning While Saving the Earth?

The Earth as we know it will soon disappear if we do not do our part to help save it. It is noble to just think of ways to support that cause. Where I am, it is rare for people to think that the world does need help. That those who try to save the world are outnumbered to the point that they don't seem to exist. But what if someone actually does something to help? These guys would be heroes!

There aren't too many businesses that are worth looking up to because they make a difference. I found a company that is actually recycling australia. Veolia is into all sorts of services in recycling in australia. In fact the company goes into not just industrial and residential recycling, they even have recycling for business.

The company uses many facilities to recycle and treat wastes. Landfill, composting, and electronic waste recovery to name a few. There are others which cater to most of the waste that are found in their country. And, as though they aren't into the business, they offer recycling tips for free to augment their efforts.

They're is doing such a great work that I think they should have a presence in every country and not just in australia. Starting with IEC, the impact would be tremendous even if just a small portion of the population of the world would be involved. Imagine if they were in places such as the US, Japan, Korea, Thailand and most of Asia? These countries would comprise about 40 percent of the whole globe but they generate more than 50 percent of the world's trash.

Great deeds can only come from those who care. You know when you truly want to make a difference, you'll find many ways to do so.

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