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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wheat Grass and Swimming - Any Connection?

Don't you think it strange to relate wheat grass to swimming? But when you really come to think of it, these two have a common denominator of being able to affect health.

I've heard of wheatgrass for some time now but I came across an exhibit at the Tiendesitas today of a company that endorses the plant as a health drink. Of course I was interested. For one, I'm an advocate of anything and everything that has an effect on health as my profession would dictate. Second is that I'm am currently part of a swimming competition organizing team and I've injected the idea of packaging the sport as part of a healthy lifestyle habit. It would only be natural to me to look into something that would be a potential exhibitor or sponsor.

I became more interested in the product when they had said the magic word (or words) - live enzymes! It hadn't been long since I had told my daughter's team the importance of adhering to probiotics. After all, one of the not so pleasant effects of swimming would be coming from the presence of undesirable bacteria in the water. With probiotics though, the risk of contracting diseases from water-borne microbes would be controlled by taking in bacteria that would naturally fight these unwanted "creatures".

So, I'm hoping that this company would join us during the competition. They seemed interested and excited in my proposal as I had been in both the competition/exhibit and their product.

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