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Friday, December 19, 2014

Wi-Fi Means Will Find (a network!)

I'm so pissed off with the WiFi services here.  Where I am, the two giant networks sometimes work, and sometimes don't.  We have them both because there are times when one will work and the other won't and on other days, the other works and the other won't.  To think that we actually have them on unlimited usage.  So, yes, we spend so much for just probably haf the usage of each.

There are times when you desperately need to use the internet and both won't work.  Like when I had to register for this event but couldn't.  It's good that a day prior to the deadline, I was "allowed" to use my service by the great Telecoms who I pay for providing me such crap.

Is there really no way to improve these services in the Philippines?  Terrible I tell you  Care to share some of your experiences?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nuvali - A Healthy Way to Live

I cannot overemphasize that there are many factors leading a healthy life.  Food, of course is one consideration.  But so is the place of residence.

Living in the province is ideal where there is fresh air, fresh food, and the surrounding is green.  But most of us need to work and earn a living.  It may difficult to be commuting (and consequently become unhealthy) living in the province.  Well, that is not so if we live in Nuvali.

Nuvali is currently Ayala's biggest development in Southern Luzon. Found in the province of Laguna, it is quite accessible to go to Metromanila as it only takes about 20 minutes to travel from Pasay to this regional growth center of the south.  It is close to vital centers such as schools (Miriam College and Xavier School are both found in Nuvali while Don Bosco, La Salle and St. Scholastica are just about 5 km away), malls (the Solenad malls are in Nuvali, while the Paseo de Sta. Rosa is a stone's throw away), Churches (St. Benedict, Don Bosco and now even Xavier School has a chapel).  Businesses and offices are sprouting here and there.  Currently, IBM and Convergys can already be found in Nuvali, KGB is found just about 200 meters away.   The presence of Seda Hotel in the area serves the guests who are here for both pleasure and business.

Nuvali is a mixed use development.  This means residential areas are built to coexist with commercial areas.  House and Lots in villages such as HillCrest Estates, Avida Southfield Settings, Lumira are currently up for sale.  Condo units are still up for grabs (but are quickly running out) at the Amaia Scapes.  As for leisure, Nuvali offers activities such as it's now popular wakeboarding at the Wake Park located on a hill.  Camp N, the bird sanctuary and the greens and patches are also maintained for the less adventurous crowd.   There are factory outlets found in Solenad where shopgoers can search for signature brands at a lesser cost.  There will be other commercial areas that will be built as the some 2,200 hectares of land is being developed.  Nuvali in itself is

Yet, despite all those, Nuvali is our own sanctuary.  Here, I have time and again found birds, bees and butterflies in my garden.  Children are still able to play without unnecessary danger exposure.  The guards at our village are all over and their presence is felt by everyone.  The air is clean because there are many trees and the park is relaxingly green.  It is a place of solitude who like the peace and quiet yet vibrant when you go to the commercial centers.

Yes, it contributes to maintaining health and wellness because it has everything you need and more.

If this has sparked your interest and would like to invest, ask me about properties in Nuvali.  Anyone can invest in the growth and development of Nuvali.  This is the perfect time to do so.

*For inquiries, call or text me at +63 999 6126686 or email me at

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Everything On It - A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Don't you ever wonder why, despite their effort to eat right,  some  people still get sick?
Here's the thing about staying healthy - everything contributes to it.  You know, not just your food.  It's your lifestyle - your food, your job, your residence, your activities, your relationships, your soap,  your makeup, etc. etc. etc.

Yup.  You heard it right.  Why do I say this?  Because it is the truth.  The decisions you make determine your health.  Thus to me, health is a matter of choice.  Decisions are done every single minute of your life.  When you eat, you decide what to eat, what time to eat, where to eat, who to eat with, to clean the dishes right after or not.  When you walk, you decide to go left or right, go up the stairs or ride the elevator, go to the park or to the mall.  When you work, you decide whether to call someone first or write an memo, to type for the boss or remind him of his next appointment;, for artists,  to draw a dribble line or dribble; for nurses, to give this guy his meds or to check on the vital signs of another.  When you go home, will you ride the bus or a taxi? Will you go straight home and buy Junior's school supplies at a nearby store, or buy them before you go home?   Those are but a few choices we make each day.

For a healthy lifestyle, I constantly remind myself (and bug my family with it) everytime:

1.  Diet - low fat (except for kefir and yogurt), low salt, moderate sugar, high fiber, all natural.  But, I take soda once a month and indulge in some dessert that I love every 2 weeks.  Otherwise, a bite or two of anything sweet will be enough for me in a day. I take a dose each of garlic, papaya and herbalberry capsules every single day 15 minutes before breakfast.  Of course, I take my milk kefir.  2 cups at least a day.  when I don't feel well, I take an additional 2 cups.

2.  Exercise - a few minutes of dancing to my favorite music specially the ones that my zumba instructor plays, house chores, walking the dog,

3.  Work and relations - I choose to make and deliver yogurt and kefir where I get to meet other people.  I feel good when I am able to help others.  When I want to cry, I do.  Crying releases the endorphins which ultimately lessens stress.  The trick is to choose to do what you enjoy doing.

4.  Hygiene  and beauty regimen- the daily bath, kefir on face and body, use of all natural soap, shampoo, feminine wash, body scrub and honeymilk lotion are part of what I do. I use my daughter's lip gloss.  She makes them with vit. E, beeswax, virgin coconut oil and non-toxic crayons.  The chemicals you get yourself in contact with will definitely end up in some part of your body which will most likely give you a not so pleasant reaction.

5.  Home - we recently transferred to a place that has lots of trees, minimal air and nose pollution, with a friendly neighborhood.  How does this affect health?  Well, it's stress free living in a clean environment.

6.  Leisure - watch a movie or go to the beach or just a nice walk uphill with family is what I love doing.  It's is fun and not stressful.  When some people cause me stress, I shut them out for a while and deal with them at a later time when they are calm.  This way, it is less stressful to both of us.

7.  Rest and relaxation - note to self: you need a lot of rest.  You see I am the energetic type of person.  My day starts early and ends late.  Lately though I feel tired and sluggish.  I realized it is because I don't sleep enough.  sleep allows the cells to repair, rebuild and regenerate.  I write my blogs when I have the urge to.  These make me think but they don't stress me out.

8.  Music - I love to hear jazz, mellow, classical, broadway and nature sounds. Those relax me.  When I want to dance though I love the upbeat ones.  But then I revert back to the ones that keep me calm.

9.  Aromatherapy - the scent that we use at home are eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and green tea or tea tree.  Those according to some have calming effects.

  Even the switch I made with my wifi connection is part of it.  Lesser stress means lesser chance of getting ill.

Now you know my secret.  Mind you I haven't gotten ill for the longest time.  Just a few hours of cold or cough.  But that's about it.  And I'm fifty. Lol.    How about you?