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Friday, July 25, 2008

Good News, Bad News

First, the good news: We now have 27,000 more new nurses because of those who passed the June 1 and 2 Nurse Licensure Exam in the Philippines.

Now for the bad news: We now have 27,000 more new nurses because of those who passed the June 1 and 2 Nurse Licensure Exam in the Philippines.

Sadly, the goods new IS the bad news too. It's such as treat for the young breed of nurses who passed what seems to be the hardest obstacle in their nursing career only to find out that it is even harder to get a job here as nurses. So, well, congratulations are in place but welcome to the club of the jobless!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leading By Example

We were at the office of Congressman Roman Romulo today. He doesn't know us nor do we know anyone close to him. At least we didn't try looking for one. Our purpose was to get help for the competition which we are hosting at the ULTRA. Pleasantries were exchanged for a while and then we went right down to business.

Our visit didn't last long. 15 minutes tops. But we got what we wanted. Well, not all of it but we got his support which is more important to us.

In today's politics, men such as the good congressman, who genuinely want to help and serve, are jewels. I, being the head of the competition's solicitations committee, wrote him because he has a track record of being generous - extending aid to those whom he deems deserve it. The first time I heard about his generosity and his willingness to serve was when he personally went to my daughter's school to ask the principal how he can help there. This was just about a month or so after winning the elections.

Men who wish to help start with their own backyard. Like Congressman Romulo. There's one politician - a very popular one - who claims he can be better at doing things than the president. But, look at where he comes from. 10 years ago, the province was in almost the same state as it is now - with a small airport, a second class city, and with very little thrust in tourism. Some malls had been erected though but in a period of 10 years, was this all the city should get? Why has it not progressed so much when this politician and his family has been around for the longest time? If he can't do something about the present state of his own locality, how can he claim to be able to do a better job than the present administration? Useless talk and futile promises are what the TRAPO (traditional politicians) are made of.

That being said, who do you think deserves to be the president of the Philippines in 2010?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Dreadful Disease

CA, Cancer, the Big C - no matter how you call it, it's the same disease that has stricken fear in us which probably for more than half a century scienc has not found a cure for.

I had been at the St. Luke's Medical Center today to visit my aunt who had a breast mass excision. About 60 years back she went to a hospital to consult about a small growth that she found on her right bossom. It was the size of a grain of rice and the male attendants dismissed her saying that it was nothing to worry about. She never bothered to have it checked again.

We were told just a few days back that she has CA cells on both breasts. The small mass is now as big as what my cousin describes as a piece of chips ahoy! I was scared that it would have metastasized already. I mean 60 years and a chips ahoy sized nodule would surely be a cause for alarm for us. We have some medical practitioners in the family and some are medically related too. We knew there was a great chance of metastasis to the nearby tissues at the minimum. But, miracle of all miracles, there wasn't any. Or at least the surgeons didn't find anything durng the surgery.

Suddenly, in just a matter of a few days, I realized how important a Breast Self Exam is. This and the Testicular Self Exam for males should never be taken for granted. Instead, it should be done religiously every month.

Sometimes, we learn the hard way.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Difficult Decision

I've been neck deep with the things I have to do as I've been juggling between tasks - trying to start studying for my NCLEX exam, looking for volunteer work and some trainings, and preparing for the swimming competition which my daughter's team is hosting. Once I heard a wise old man say that when you want something done, you gotta give it to a busy man. Well, for one, I'm not a man. hehehe...

Like today has been tight. I had to finish doing the invitations for the coaches along with the forms that had to go with the each invite. Earlier on I had intended to visit my aunt who is in St. Luke's Hospital, go to the nearby hospital to apply for hospital training, go to the Heart Center to pick up dad's lab results, and finally go to the RMC to apply for the completion of the IV cases I need to get my IV license. I have to decide whether to do the job for the competition or to prioritize my NCLEX exam. But you see, a commitment is a commitment. That is why I am so glad that I'd have the chance to review for the NCLEX some time in September instead. That would give me time to finish the task I have to do for my bebe.

So, what am I saying? You have to forgive me for my absence here. Anyway, you'll notice that I have a new website for the competition. Thus, you'll know I have really been working.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fighting With That Toilet Seat Again?

Ooooohhhh... that should hurt.

Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around. Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around. Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around. Hah! It would sound more like a chant but that's what we normally advice our clients at the hospital to help with their uh... uhmmmm... er... constipation.

Yes, such an absurd topic but really one that is equally disturbing as having a bank collection officer go after you and deliriously painful as a woman giving birth to her first baby. The trouble with constipation is it gets you feeling so bloated the whole time that it makes you sluggish and sometimes cranky. Your guts absorb more water from your stools and along with it reabsorbs the toxins which your body has eliminated. It would be like drinking some poison only it passes a different route. When you try to let the "thing" out forcefully, it gets you into more trouble. Then comes the battle with that single witness - the toilet seat. A more painful trauma could happen - hemorrhoids. The worst part for those who have heart diseases, it could cause a heart attack!

So what should you do? come on now say it with me: Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around.

Ok, so what's the fiber thing? Well, it's any fruit or vegetable that or any food for that matter that has ruffage. My husband used to joke about having to eat some slippers from the bicol region - they're made from the fibers of the Abaca plant. Fiber adds bulk to your stool and makes it easier to pass. But you've got to drink lot of water to not make it hard too.

As for water, remember that the gut or the large intestine actually reabsorbs water from the stools. Thus, when there's very little water present in there, there's not much liquid left in the feces making it rock hard. That's difficult to pass.

Other techniques to make your defecation easier are getting enough exercise, drinking some lactobacillus drink or yogurt (which contains bacteria that is good for the digestion), prune juice, pineapple juice and, for me at least, taking some virgin coconut oil. When all else fails, trot to your physician so he can prescribe some stool softeners for you.

Well, I hope that helps in your daily "battle".