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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leading By Example

We were at the office of Congressman Roman Romulo today. He doesn't know us nor do we know anyone close to him. At least we didn't try looking for one. Our purpose was to get help for the competition which we are hosting at the ULTRA. Pleasantries were exchanged for a while and then we went right down to business.

Our visit didn't last long. 15 minutes tops. But we got what we wanted. Well, not all of it but we got his support which is more important to us.

In today's politics, men such as the good congressman, who genuinely want to help and serve, are jewels. I, being the head of the competition's solicitations committee, wrote him because he has a track record of being generous - extending aid to those whom he deems deserve it. The first time I heard about his generosity and his willingness to serve was when he personally went to my daughter's school to ask the principal how he can help there. This was just about a month or so after winning the elections.

Men who wish to help start with their own backyard. Like Congressman Romulo. There's one politician - a very popular one - who claims he can be better at doing things than the president. But, look at where he comes from. 10 years ago, the province was in almost the same state as it is now - with a small airport, a second class city, and with very little thrust in tourism. Some malls had been erected though but in a period of 10 years, was this all the city should get? Why has it not progressed so much when this politician and his family has been around for the longest time? If he can't do something about the present state of his own locality, how can he claim to be able to do a better job than the present administration? Useless talk and futile promises are what the TRAPO (traditional politicians) are made of.

That being said, who do you think deserves to be the president of the Philippines in 2010?

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