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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fighting With That Toilet Seat Again?

Ooooohhhh... that should hurt.

Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around. Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around. Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around. Hah! It would sound more like a chant but that's what we normally advice our clients at the hospital to help with their uh... uhmmmm... er... constipation.

Yes, such an absurd topic but really one that is equally disturbing as having a bank collection officer go after you and deliriously painful as a woman giving birth to her first baby. The trouble with constipation is it gets you feeling so bloated the whole time that it makes you sluggish and sometimes cranky. Your guts absorb more water from your stools and along with it reabsorbs the toxins which your body has eliminated. It would be like drinking some poison only it passes a different route. When you try to let the "thing" out forcefully, it gets you into more trouble. Then comes the battle with that single witness - the toilet seat. A more painful trauma could happen - hemorrhoids. The worst part for those who have heart diseases, it could cause a heart attack!

So what should you do? come on now say it with me: Take your fiber, drink lots of water and move around.

Ok, so what's the fiber thing? Well, it's any fruit or vegetable that or any food for that matter that has ruffage. My husband used to joke about having to eat some slippers from the bicol region - they're made from the fibers of the Abaca plant. Fiber adds bulk to your stool and makes it easier to pass. But you've got to drink lot of water to not make it hard too.

As for water, remember that the gut or the large intestine actually reabsorbs water from the stools. Thus, when there's very little water present in there, there's not much liquid left in the feces making it rock hard. That's difficult to pass.

Other techniques to make your defecation easier are getting enough exercise, drinking some lactobacillus drink or yogurt (which contains bacteria that is good for the digestion), prune juice, pineapple juice and, for me at least, taking some virgin coconut oil. When all else fails, trot to your physician so he can prescribe some stool softeners for you.

Well, I hope that helps in your daily "battle".

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