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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Difficult Decision

I've been neck deep with the things I have to do as I've been juggling between tasks - trying to start studying for my NCLEX exam, looking for volunteer work and some trainings, and preparing for the swimming competition which my daughter's team is hosting. Once I heard a wise old man say that when you want something done, you gotta give it to a busy man. Well, for one, I'm not a man. hehehe...

Like today has been tight. I had to finish doing the invitations for the coaches along with the forms that had to go with the each invite. Earlier on I had intended to visit my aunt who is in St. Luke's Hospital, go to the nearby hospital to apply for hospital training, go to the Heart Center to pick up dad's lab results, and finally go to the RMC to apply for the completion of the IV cases I need to get my IV license. I have to decide whether to do the job for the competition or to prioritize my NCLEX exam. But you see, a commitment is a commitment. That is why I am so glad that I'd have the chance to review for the NCLEX some time in September instead. That would give me time to finish the task I have to do for my bebe.

So, what am I saying? You have to forgive me for my absence here. Anyway, you'll notice that I have a new website for the competition. Thus, you'll know I have really been working.

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