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Monday, August 20, 2007

Here comes the rain again...

The rain can be viewed differently by people. As for myself, I like the thought of the suspension of classes. But having 3 days in a row and having it for 2 consecutive weeks will mean that my daughter's school year will have to be extended to fulfill the DepEd requirement of 200 days or so.

What irritates me is the fact that DepEd, City hall, the school administration and parents all point a finger at each other as to whether the children should attend class or not. During the last typhoon, children were allowed to leave the house only to be sent back home right after they got there. That was a really silly move. However, I do appreciate the recent announcement that when the parents do decide to not let their children attend class during a heavy rain or a storm, that children will not be marked absent. The problem is that the child will have to forego class work and even run the risk of not being able to cope with the activity because she wasn't there. Still, I find that the authorities who are supposed to take action are trying to elude public scrutiny by pointing a finger at each other. I hope they feel what the parents feel...
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