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Friday, December 19, 2014

Wi-Fi Means Will Find (a network!)

I'm so pissed off with the WiFi services here.  Where I am, the two giant networks sometimes work, and sometimes don't.  We have them both because there are times when one will work and the other won't and on other days, the other works and the other won't.  To think that we actually have them on unlimited usage.  So, yes, we spend so much for just probably haf the usage of each.

There are times when you desperately need to use the internet and both won't work.  Like when I had to register for this event but couldn't.  It's good that a day prior to the deadline, I was "allowed" to use my service by the great Telecoms who I pay for providing me such crap.

Is there really no way to improve these services in the Philippines?  Terrible I tell you  Care to share some of your experiences?

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