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Friday, March 21, 2008

Teaching Kids About Environmental Protection

As a teacher, I feel it is important for everyone to be involved in the protection of the environment specially with the recent threat of global warming. And, yes, I do believe even kids should be involved in the campaign to save the earth. To be consistent with my "philosophy" of being a conservationist, I have started with my own daughter and family. She grew up not throwing garbage just anywhere, does not harm the trees or plants, and encourages recycling to the point that she bugs me about it.

The easiest way to inculcate anything to children is to point out the harm in whatever is present and available in their surrounding. I for one taught Ikee that the reason it gets very hot in our home is because of the lack of trees. Then I related it to our lot in Cavite where there are trees planted and the air is cooler because of it.

The hardest to teach are the adults. But when the children are taught about nature and the effects of its destruction brings to mankind, they become better stewards and are better at adhering to what is proper. It's a shame though that sometimes the kids who have been taught lose their interest because the adults around them ridicule them. Perhaps we adults should learn to keep our thoughts to ourselves when we know the kids are right.

by the way, do check this lady's blog. I found it rather interesting.

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