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Monday, March 03, 2008

Kris Aquino at the PBA - Why Not?

I am a wife and whenever my husband wants or needs me to be around where he is, I'd surely be there to support him and to also let him know that I love him. If I were a celebrity, should it be any different?

Today, as I was driving to Makati, I heard some announcers talk about Kris Aquino and whether she should or shouldn't have been at the PBA finals because her husband, James Yap, is one of the basketball players. Some people according to them said that she shouldn't go to the finals because she's bad luck for Purefoods. Like I said, when it comes to dealing with family, it shouldn't be any different for an ordinary person or a celebrity - a wife is a wife no matter what her stature is. I'm no fan of Kris. I don't even like her. But she has her rights as much as anyone else. I mean even Mrs. Arroyo will agree to it. and she runs the whole country.

Everyone is entitled to do whatever they wish to as long as they don't step on anyone else. It's time we teach ourselves to respect each one's rights. Bad luck is subjective and is only real if someone believes it. But, just because someone does, doesn't mean another should. Wouldn't you agree?

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