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Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh My Poor Back! - Scoliosis Management

Scoliosis inflicts anyone in any age or gender and there's really no special reason for doing so. In fact, in the Philippines, it is present in about 4 out of 10 girls. The sad thing is that there is really no cure for it. But the good news is that it can be managed.

With prompt attention, further curvature of the back can actually be prevented. Take it from me. My daughter has it. And I try to support her in most things that she needs to do. Her treatment includes daily exercises which could last anywhere from 30 minutes to more than an hour depending on how fast she does each exercise. I have to help her with some bending that she does only to stabilize her. She goes to swim classes every week to build stamina and she wears a body brace which covers just below her neck to her hip.

When we found out about her scolio, she was devastated having been told that she has to do the management until she's 18. And that if her scolio progresses, she'll have to undergo surgery. I felt so bad for her too because we were also told that the chances of it progressing was 50/50 since she was only 13 then and her bones were so soft yet.

We had a visit to her orthopedic surgeon and her orthotist and they have both give us a thumbs up on the results so far. The secret really is prayers, prompt attention and compliance to the treatment. All the components of the treatment has to be done. We still have 4.5 years more but with God's grace we will overcome it.

For consultation, please get in touch with Dr. Acedillo and Dr. Bate of the Medical City, Ortigas Blvd., Philippines. for swimming, get in touch with Coach Efren Jocson, head coach of the Flying Dolphins Swimming Team at the ULTRA Swimming pool every weekend.

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