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Friday, February 01, 2008

Here or There?

I’m still waiting for the results of the December 2007 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination. Just to take my mind off it to lessen the stress, I try to plan ahead. For instance, I have just downloaded the application forms to the New Mexico Nursing Board. This has somehow given me some hope that I could actually just take the NCLEX without having to wait for the results since the N.M. Board does not require it.

Another thing I’ve done is to plan ahead. More like a day dream I should say. I intend to stay in the US but not in the area where my mom is – San Fernando Valley in California. I don’t like the crowd. I would however prefer to stay near a body of water like a lake or a beach. I’ve heard about Lake Tahoe from my parents who had gone there a number of times already. I said I wanted to stay by a lake and they suggested the place. I wonder if Lake Tahoe is better than Lake Arrowhead? I’ve been to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead during our 2001 trip to the US. How much would the cost of living be at Lake Tahoe? How near is the school? Will we be able to find work when we’re there?

Another place I’m considering is Florida. It seems to have a similar climate as the Philippines and thus will not require us to adjust to it. I’ve always loved the beach. My husband likes Tampa. He’s been there in a previous trip.

Well, I guess the best way to find which place is better for us is to judge by ourselves. We’ll have to take a vacation! Wooooohhhoo, I love the idea already. But really, it is worth checking out if we have to spend a long period of time in any place. There are some vacation houses for rent in Lake Tahoe which I found to be really charming. is a vacation rentals website. Just what I need to use for renting a vacation home in Lake Tahoe or Florida. I could also have our houses in Manila and Cebu rented to earn additional income. Not a bad idea.

By the way, Ikee loves Disneyland and hasn’t gone to Disneyworld in Orlando. But of course, migrating wouldn’t depend on some Mouse, would it?

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