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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should Parents Help Children with Their Assignments? - Raising Achievers

Today my daughter announced that she will be awarded with the 2nd Academic Honors in her school. Not to brag, but this award means she has bested more than 95% of the whole freshman level of about 300 students and it is her 3rd time to receive such a recognition this school year. Naturally, I feel delighted. But more importantly, I got to reflect whether what I am doing for her is right. So far so good.

Since she started in her science high school, I have been helping her out with her assignments. At first, my friends kept commenting about why I do so. Now, they ask me how they should do it. hahaha, I guess having your kid high up in the Honor roll makes for a great convincing power.

She's still in her teenage years. 13 to be exact. Even as she looks so grown up with her built, she is still technically a kid. And we know that all kids need guidance. They don't know how to act, how to do things, how to treat others... what's so confusing to the teenage is the fact that they have just barely adjusted to childhood, now they are being "forced" into maturing - to act and behave like adults. But not for me. I'd like my kid to be a kid while she still can. But I'm not saying that she should not change. I just want her to learn because I have guided her well.

Studying is a skill and as with all other skills, it has techniques that one should learn. why let the children go through the rough time when the method is already there up for grabs?

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