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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Changing Homes - Plans for the Future

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going anywhere yet. But, someone asked me about my plans for the future. "Well, for one," I said,"I'd be going to the US sometime soon." I'm a nursing graduate from the Philippines and have recently taken the Nursing Licensure Exam in December 2008. Of course the ultimate goal is to go to the US to join my family.

But then, when I come to remember how hard it is for me to relocate, I tend to overreact. I've experienced when I got married. Transferring from Cebu to Manila was not an easy task. What's more, that time I didn't have so many stuff to bring or dispose of. Looking for a place to stay was not so much of a problem though because we had bought our condo unit 6 months before my transfer.

I figure that in the US I'd have the same problems. In fact, it might just be worse if I don't plan ahead. After searching the internet (where else? that's where i do most research I do these days) I found that since I'm not sure of where in the US I will finally land, the links to finding homes in Las Vegas, Houston, and Georgia that I've recently found in the National Relocation , website will prove invaluable. They have information on mortgages, homes for sale, what's there in the neighborhood, schools nearby and other things that I'd want to know about before I even consider relocating.

Las Vegas might be a viable area for me. I like it there. Cost of apartments is cheap, food is cheap and it's very near my parents' place. Plus, there are more filipinos in the city. Well, I don't know why but for some reason I like staying where there are other Filipinos around. The one thing I really must have first is... well... my NCLEX result!

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