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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Great Year, Great Summer

For many kids, summer just means a long break from school. They get excited at the thought for about a week. But after that week, boredom sets in. That is why every summer I think of ways for Ikee to spend it productively. There were many times we'd go to the beach or a pool but a majority of her summer days is spent learning something. Children need to be kept busy not only to keep them from getting bored, they also need something to write on when school starts again. Here are tips on activities you might want to have your child do during that long vacation:

1. Take a swimming lesson at the ULTRA in Pasig. Ikee is now a member of the Pasig Flying Dolphins Swimming Team and goes to training regularly every weekend even during the school year. The team's head coach is Efren Jocson. The fee used to be less than 3 thousand (I'd like to let Coach Efren tell you personally) for the whole summer. I think they meet twice a week for 2.5 hours per meeting. Don't mind coach's yelling. He's not mad. In fact, my daughter adores the guy. He does it for emphasis. hehehe Not bad huh?

2. Enrol in one of the courses offered at the Pasig Catholic College. There are many courses which your child can avail of. Ikee took up Arts/painting, journalism, and swimming from there. It costs more or less 2,500 php per course with the exception of swimming which incidentally Coach Efren taught too.

3. Enrol your child in one of the courses at UP. I never sent Ikee there because it's too far but I would've if distance was not an issue.

4. Organize a cooking class. I used to do that here in the house. I'd gather Ikee's friends and have them make bread. It was fun because they get to eat what they make. It doesn't cost so much either.

5. Have regular picnics at a park nearby. For Pasig residents, we have a choice of going to the rainforest or the Fort Bonifacio. The La Mesa Ecopark is a good place to go to but it gets too crowded during the summer. I hear Marikina Ecopark is a good alternative but I have yet to see the place to recommend it.

6. If there's extra money, try going to Donsol or to Sagada. These are places which I'm sure your kid will be interested in going to. Donsol to watch and swim with the whale sharks and Sagada to check out the beauty of the mountains.

7. You can go camping. We like going to caleruega in Tagaytay. there are other campsites though - in caliraya and in antipolo. Munting buhangin also has a camping area. Just check out their website.

If you have better suggestions please let me know so I can share it here too.

Summertime need not be an expensive period for the parents for the kids to enjoy. It just needs a little research and creativity.

A great summer for kids need not be expensive. Th

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