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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oh my! Where Do You Find That Stuff?

Kids in my daughter's school find it hard to source out answers to assignments and homework given by their teacher. Even I find it difficult to look for the answers to their assignments. How should I know the answers now when the last time I saw those was about 30 years ago!

I can't say enough of how the internet has helped. I'm glad there are sites such as, or,,, The Physics Classroom, Teachers Domain, Home School Online Scien Library, the NASA website, cosmeo, discovery, and the various search engines are around and within reach.

Usually, I search for the tutorial on a subject. There's bound to be one in the internet. One time, my daughter had to review for her Physics exam. She had been complaining previously about not understanding the principles enough. Well, she did but she can't really apply them on word problems. So, I told her to view the physics classroom and another tutorial site. Happily, after just 1 hour, she announced that it wasn't so hard to learn physics after all. Guess what? She topped her physics exam with a grade of about 95%.

After all the help we've gotten from surfing, I've decided to make a blog or a website to upload some of the research work that we've done to help others too. Hmmm... the question now is when will I be able to do that? I'll just keep my hands crossed.

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