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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keeping Your Crowning Glory - Help for Falling Hair

How would you look like without any hair? I'd look terrible, that's for sure. The past two years was a terrible period for my hair. It started to fall that everyone started to notice. Even my hairdresser who I don't see much these days noticed it. And you know what? Even Ikee's hair started to fall too. Maybe it was the lack of calcium or maybe it is stress. I really can't tell. But I had to do something to address that.

After searching for a product to help us, I finally found that a very cheap wax will solve my problem. It is the scalp treatment from GIGA. I only know of one outlet which is at the Tiendesitas in Pasig. And I don't have their number either. Anyway, I found out about it when I with Ikee and Mary Ann, my husband's cousin-in-law, went to Tiendesitas one time. I have been a customer of GIGA for over 3 years now but I only discovered about the product when I told the saleslady about my problem. She suggested the product because she said it is made from Virgin Coconut Oil, tea tree oil and Ginger. According to her, VCO will encourage hair growth while ginger and tea tree oil will prevent dandruff and make the scalp grow healthy.

I do know about the VCO because I used it before. It was ok but I didn't like the smell and feel of the oil on my scalp. Greasy. But the Scalp Treatment comes in a wax form so you use less of it so not too much oil is left. The peppermintIt makes it smell good because it has and it feels cold on the scalp. Boyet uses it as a hairdressing cream.

Since we started using it, I noticed that my hair is slowly getting thicker again. Although the strands are not as thick, it is not easy to pull out any single hair. Ikee regularly requests that I apply it to her hair because she noticed that her hair stopped falling instantaneously. Boyet's hair has slowly grown back too. Did I mention it only costs 250 pesos per 500 ml jar? And you only use it about thrice a week. One jar lasts for 2 to 3 months with all 3 of us using it. Thanks GIGA.

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