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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Magic Oil

Virgin Coconut oil, even in the Philippines, is already becoming a costly product. People have learned of its uses and health benefits both externally and internally.
With some books written by doctors about its uses and the increasing popularity as a result of it, prices of these oils will definitely reach the ceilin. A 250 ml bottle of VCO could easily fetch a price of 150 to 200 pesos. However, these preparations are not as fresh as when we make it at home. VCO is treated like you would any herb - take it as fresh as you can. Aside from that, VCO should not be prepared with too much heat because if it goes through high temps, its medicinal property is lost. So, here's a way to make one at home.

Buy a really mature coconut. grate it finely. take a cacha cloth (or muslin cloth or an old, clean tee will do) and place the grated coconut in it. wrap it up in the center and wring it slowly, twisting it until all milk is extracted.

Store milk in a clean, wide-mouthed container. Keep it covered in a cool, draft-free area (your oven will do) for 2 to 3 days or until the liquids have separated. You will see three layers - the foamy part, the oil, and the water. On the 3rd day, take the aged coconut milk and gently scoop out the top foamy portion. If you do it nicely, it should come off easily. Then, gently scoop out the oil which is the next layer. This is your VCO. Be careful not to get any of the liquid below mix with your oil because it will alter the flavor of the oil. Store it in a tightly sealed bottle and keep in the refrigerator. I think this should last for 10 to 14 days. The vco you produce is the same as that which is bought commercially - you can use it for your hair, for your skin, as food supplement, etc.

Discard the remaining liquid.

coconuts are bought with its husk removed. There are 2 ways to choose a good coconut:
1. Shake it baby!
If it sounds watery, it is not mature enough. if it sounds like there's very little water, take it. This means that the flesh is already thick and will give a good yield.

2. Coin method
Take a coin and strike the coconut with it. If it gives a high pitch, then it is mature. this means there's less water. But if it sounds like a drum when you hit it, then it is not aged enough.

There are other methods but these ones are what we use when buying for my family. Coconuts in the Philippines only cost Php15.00 which will yield 1 cup - almost the amount of a 250 ml bottle. Isn't it worth a try?


Anonymous said...

hi jane! thanks for the reply for my tagaytay inquiry at, it'll be a lot helpful.. also you've got great posts here. stay great, thanks!

Jane said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Glad you like it.

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