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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Diet But Don't Die Yet! - making diet easier

I've always had this weight problem. I'm 130 lbs now but I used to weigh heavier. Thanks to two wonderful diet plans, I get to stay in this weight. Not that I like how heavy I am. I would like to get at least 10 more pounds off. But, as a nurse, I know that I can do it very gradually.

Ok, so the two diet programs I use are the after 6 diet and the sugar-free diet. The most effective for me is the after 6 diet. This is done by taking in food between 6 am and 6 pm and not ingesting anything after that till the next morning which is of course at 6 am. However, I have moodified this to make it work for me. Instead of 6 to 6, I modified it to 8 to 8 which is still 12 hours. I sleep 4 hours after my last meal which is at 12 MN and my next meal is at 8 am. This really makes me lose weight. But it is not applicable during the christmas seas and during parties.

The other diet program I do is the sugar free diet. It simply means taking off all the sugar in any form from the diet. No carbs, no cola, no fat, no chocolates, no fruits, etc. It's rather hard for me being a Filipino whose staple food is rice and really, I don't like it. But I only do this during the christmas season and during parties when I cannot say no to the host lest I offend him and get thrown out of the gathering. I can't imagine myself wearing my favorite black dress in my heels and black stockings being asked to leave the house. No sir, not in my wildest dreams. I don't really lose that much with this diet but I don't get heavier either.

Keeping my self at an ideal weight will help me keep healthy. To see to it that I stick to my weight, I have a weighing scale and a tape measure which I use everyday. Oh, and I cannot overemphasize that drinking plenny a watah (plenty of water) helps keep those pounds off too. so does exercise but you know that, don't you?

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