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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Which School? - A list of recommended schools in Pasig

There's a gazillion of schools in Pasig that it's hard to find which one to send a child to. It cost me a lot of trouble to find the best ones here. But, I'm so happy that those troubles are now paying off because Ikee is doing quite well in school. though as a teacher I know that the school is not the only factor to a child's education, it is one of the major factors. The other major factors are the family specially the environment in the home, the child's own initiative and the teacher.

So to save you the trouble of going around, here's a list of the schools you might want to consider:

For Pre-school:
Mother Goose Playskool and Gradeschool - simpy the best. hey apply piagetian, montessori, and individual instruction. You can't get all three in one school but there. By the way, the ration of teacher to students is never over 1:12. Oftentimes, it's just 1:8 or even lower. It is a family-owned school. Their training come from the best schools in the Philippines and the US. Of course, it's a little expensive. What do you expect?

Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Don't be deceived by the name. It's not a Catholic school although it is run by a devout catholic. Great school - very personalized thus the child's development and achievements are monitored. Even their price is good too. Not too expensive. Just so you may know, the owner who also teaches there is a cum laude graduate of Merriam College and is a very nice lady. Way to go Tina!

For elementary

Mother Goose Playskool and Grade School - This is a special science school and is by far the best elementary school in Pasig. Yes, I mean the whole of Pasig. It costs just a little expensive than the other schools but it's all worth it. Application is best done by March since they have to assess whether the child needs to undergo summer school to be able to cope. Plenty of foreigners go there as it is way cheaper than the international schools nearby.

Pasig Catholic College - this is the only private school I can recommend within the city proper. The others don't perform too well. Entrance exams are given 1 month before the classes start at the very latest.

Lourdes School Mandaluyong - this is ok but it's an all-boys school.

Bob Garon

For high school
In the city proper:
Pasig City Science High School - this is a special science public high school and is the best in Pasig. All students there are sholars therefore noone pays tuition fees. Application period is from the 1st week of Nov to the 2nd week of Dec. The applicant's parents must be from pasig and the gen. average grade requirement is 85% with no grade lower than 83. The child must be focused because it's a really tough school to be in.

Rizal High School - the main branch and the one in Palatiw I heard are the best. This is a public school too

Pasig Catholic College

St. Paul's College - well, yeah,... personally I prefer other schools but I should say that their standard is ok.


Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig - a public school but doing very well. In fact, their nursing school produces at least 83% passing.

University of Asia and the Pacific - a business school

Arellano University Pasig Institute of Nursing - Just Pasig ok? I can't recommend the other branches. And oh, just the Institute of Nursing. The other courses? Judge for yourself.

So, there you have it. There must be others but I can't remember them right now. Perhaps, in the future I will.

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