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Monday, February 18, 2008

Pasig On the Go! - Changes in Pasig City

I've been living in Pasig for the past 18 years. Gosh! I never realized that I've been here that long. But the purpose of this blog is not to talk about my stay in Pasig but about the Pasig Government.

Lately, a lot of good things have been happening in Pasig. For one, there's an evident change in the traffic management of the pasig market. It used to be jammed right in front of the Police headquarters there which dragged on for so many years. This time, it's really clear. There might be some build up near the end of the market but it moves quickly enough to even say hello.

Another, is the active stand that the Pasig Livelihood Foundation is taking. Under the leadership of Mrs. Eusebio, wife of the present Mayor Bobby, the Pasig Government accepts Pasig residents to study courses that they can do to augment their income. As if a free course isn't good enough, the PLFI is even extending loans to those who really need to. After taking the course, a student may want to put up a business using the new knowledge earned from the attending the course.

There are lots of construction and repairs in the city. This is a sign of progress. At least we know that our taxes are indeed working for us.

I just would like to know from our able and active Mayor Bobby when the promised increase of 200 pesos to the scholars of Pasig City Science High School will be given. After all, the present 200 pesos stipend is a very little amount. I hope too that there'd be an additional increase next year. Of course, Pasig would like to be at par with Makati Science High School and Philippine Science High School. I hope that the facilities and the stipends will be improved.

My suggestion for the improvement of the PCSHS is to be given the additional books in the library, provision of at least 4 lcd projectors (1 for each level), a computer in each classroom for the students to use. This is not really impossible. I had the chance of going to a public school in Manila and found that this elementary school which is not even a science high school, has pc's in each room. Also, I hope there would be funds for the children competing and bringing honors to the City. After all, this is the vision of the school -

Also, I do appreciate the effort of the city government to protect its citizens. Recently it took action by putting up several checkpoints in the city because a serial killer has reportedly escaped from the Nagpayong Jail and is now prowling for unsuspecting victims in the area near the City hall to the area close to the Pasig City Science High School. I do hope though that the security measures in the Jail itself is stricter. How does one inmate escape if he were on close guarding?

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