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Friday, May 02, 2008

Memories of a Childhood - Why You Need a Camera

Children love to listen to stories of their childhood. It is something that really catches their attention. My daughter is no longer a kid but she still loves listening to how she was when she was a toddler.

Toddlers are really funny. Maybe because they're spontaneous or maybe because of their lousy imitation of the adults around them. But they're so cute when they do that. They're also great subjects in photography.

One time when we were in Clark to go to a easter egg hunt, she got frightened by the Bunny because it was huge. She was so scared that she practically hid the whole time. When we finally went out of the resto, she saw the lawn and went off scurrying after the small birds that seemed to play with her too. Whenever she would go near them, they'd fly just a little further away but only as far for her to be able to reach them. She would grin each time she ran.

At another time, we were at the mall for her to ride those little roller coasters that had cars instead of the regular roller coaster seats. It had been one of her favorite rides and she was trying to sound brave. She decided she wanted to ride one by herself and her playmate who was a little older than she would ride another one too. So, I started to film them on the ride. On the first round she was tinkering with the driving wheel. On the next round she appeared to look for something. On the third round, her back was on the wheel. On the fourth, I was wide mouthed - she was nowhere to be found any more! It was good that it was the final round because I was frantic. We started to look for her and couldn't find her. I kept looking for her and it dawned on me to look inside the car. There she was, all cramped up under the hood. She stood straight up as if nothing happened. When I asked what she was doing there she merely said "oh nothing. I didn't want to be frightened so I hid there". That was that. I wanted to chuckle but didn't want her to hear me. The little girl's coping with her fear.

One picture we have is that of her in the hospital with a little IV on her left arm. She was lying down on her chest with and innocent look, her little butt up and her dad beside her appearing monstrous and all attempting to bite her behind. hehehe... that is a really funny one.

Anyway, my point here is that these kinds of memories are good to remember and are easily remembered when they're captured on film. So, the bottomline is that you don't take a moment with your kid without a camera. They grow so fast that you won't notice they're no longer kids anymore.

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