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Saturday, May 17, 2008

American Idol Makes A Common Ground

Like I said before, in order to open a discussion, a parent, specially a mother, should discover what common interests are shared between her and her child. You cannot just tell your teen-ager not to go kissing just anyone. There has to be a good opening for it. For us, it's the American Idol tv show.

Yes my dear, the American Idol. You see, my daughter and I love the Davids - David Archuleta and David Cook. And, mind you, I do scream when I see them just like she does. She just screams louder than I. Hehehe

So, during the show until shortly after, we get to talk about the show and about other things that I might be able to relate it to such as virtues, values, respect for self, respect for other people, etc. It's like hitting two birds with 1 stone - we enjoy each other's company and I get to impart the lessons I want her to learn without much argument. Thanks Simon!

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