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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey Baby! David's On. - Keeping the Communication Lines Open

Tonight, I and my daughter watched the American Idol together. It was fun doing that with her. I surfed and did some of my blogs in between commercial breaks. After each break though, she'd shout "Mom, It's David!".

As we were doing her scoliosis exercises (?), we discussed about the show, how we both like David Cook and how she wanted Shaeesha to win but didn't make it. Then, we went to the conclusion that we enjoy talking to each other and how other mothers and daughters would rather talk to other people than themselves.

The secret is to have an open communication and to make your daughter know that she can really tell you anything anytime.

This is one of the activities that you can do with your child too. Another is to be able to make a story. You and your daughter or son can both contribute to the story line about maybe a family. There are values that you can inject and your child can discuss it with you. We did that one time and she's now asking that we do another story. It's fun! Maybe we'll do one with David Cook in it.

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