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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Keeping Friendship Alive

Tonight I got a few messages from my friends who were greeting me for mother's day. It made me feel so good because even if we hadn't seen each other for a while, they still remembered me. I thought of doing the same to my other friends too. Maybe I'd do that tomorrow afternoon when the networks wouldn't be so busy anymore.

Keeping friends over the years is something special to me. Not that I have many friends though because I'm rather picky when choosing those I'd like to get close with. I have plenty of acquaintances but those don't count as friends. The other day I had some friends from my PCC stint. They were here because one of our friends came home for a vacation and she is going back to Thailand today. I had served them some wine, cheese and apples. I also prepared some Pesto Pasta us to feast on. We had quality time together reminiscing the days when we were still studying. Another friend of mine sent me an email. This one's really sad because he just broke off with a lover. Anyway, for whatever reason, I feel that friendship is something that time should not have any effect on. The secret is mainly to keep the communication going even when it isn't so often.

When you find a friend, you've found a rare gem so keep that person close to your heart.

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