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Friday, May 23, 2008

I was with two of my friends today. We went out to do two things: first, to look for a place to take our IV therapy training and second, to look for a job for my friend.

Along the way, we discussed about family, and spouses. My friend, let's call her Ruby, is separated from her husband. The other, let's call her Vivian, would like to part ways with her husband too. They exchanged experiences and they agreed it was better to go solo. As they were talking, I got a quick review of my own marriage and family. Hearing my friends talk made me realize how blessed I am with my husband and daughter. We don't have a perfect family. I don't think anyone does anyway. But, in order for us to appreciate what we have, sometimes we have to hear the situation other people are in.

How does a family become a family? It's when everyone tries hard to unite. I remember that story about the porcupines. According to our pastor, those creatures need to stick together in order to protect themselves against predators. Sure, they prick each other as they do that but they have accepted that fact and just try to make it work to their advantage. Have you ever wondered why most of us who have parents or grandparents have stayed together?

Care to share your formula for a good marriage?

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Vhiel said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.. and im glad that you get some good ideas from my blog... :) keep visiting and I'll do the same.