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Sunday, May 18, 2008

IASCO Learn To Swim Graduation and Competition

We got so exhausted today.

I'm so amused at the thought that children in the Learn-to-swim summer courses of Coach Efren's company, IASCO, really have fun learning that it is almost for any parent to ask their children to go home from there. Like today, for instance, the LTS at Ciudad Grande, Pasig had their graduation at their pool, along with the LTS of ULTRA and Lexington. As a tradition, the children were asked to swim the whole length of the pool before they are allowed to get their certificates.

Having received their certificates, the swimming competition among all the students began. Even the Flying Dolphins Team members were allowed to compete but only against each other. Well, what can you expect? They are going into the Amateur swimming so they can't compete with the children who are just coming out of an LTS program.

Each child got a medal to show off even when they came in last. This is a strategy for them to be encouraged to continue swimming and it has proven effective for a number of years already. That's what's good with Coach Efren and IASCO. They're so good at motivating the kids. Well, some kids get to cry every now and then during the lessons. That's how it is when you have a perfectionist for a coach. But, dear old (oh, please don't tell on me) coach Efren has his way with kids. He's tough but is dear to them. I don't know how he does it.

The affair today was a success. Perhaps one of the main reasons for it is because the parents are so involved with the chilren. In fact, the graduation committee, composed of parents of the swimmers, prepared practically everything that had to be done for today's event. Of course, coach Efren, IASCO, the coaches and the Flying dolphins lent a hand on some minor details but that was it. Congratulations to both children and parents are in place.

There was food from the morning till the end of the day. On top of that, all the swimmers got to play at the pool. The children really enjoyed the day. That's what really matters.

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