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Friday, May 09, 2008

A Gift For Mom

Mother's day is fast approaching. Already, I have received questions about what to give mothers. Here are my suggestions:

1. Gift certificate to the Spa - It would be more special if you could do her chores for her while she's relaxing.

2. A gift certificate for her and her best friend (who should be a mom too). You might want to get in touch with her friend's children so they could give their share for their mom. That way you don't have to shoulder the expenses for both of them.

3. A fondue set - to make it more special, you may want to prepare the fondue and serve it in the new fondue set you are giving her.

4. A Scrap book - You may want to fill it with pictures and stories of her during her childhood until she became your mother.

5. A set of anti-aging products - vitamins, creams and books about how she can maintain her glow.

6. Home-made beauty products - do a research about how to make home made beauty products that won't cost you so much. You can pack it in small canisters and put it in a basket so it will look very beautiful.

There you are. If you need more ideas, send me a message. I'll try to help.

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