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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Good Day, Bad Sunburn

I've been in mild pain because of this sunburn I got. We were in Anawangin, Zambales with my husband's sister and her family. The place was really nice but the memory of its beauty is upstaged by a painful sunburn which I got there. The sad thing is that I didn't want to get it but did because of a miscalculation.

I am very aware of the risk this burn poses. So, over and above the treatment for its long term effect, I sought to relieve the discomfort it has caused on me.

The worst burn is on on my face that I am really red all over. If you've seen a pork jerky, I imagine that's how I look like. Anyway, I have so far used a cold compress and some milk with oatmeal. These really soothed my face and shoulders nicely. Next, thing I have to do is to reduce the effect of the burn on how I look so I've got to use some lightening soap to make it gradual. So far, I'm trying the Licorice soap of GIGA and the olay total effects. To avoid dehydration, I've made a homemade oral rehydration solution of water with salt and sugar.

To reduce the risk of developing cancer, I'm taking WAIORA's Natural Cellular Defense which should greatly prevent the disease.

So far, these have been working pretty well on me. As for the cancer, well, it's God's call not mine so I'll leave that part to Him.

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