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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Worry Free Living

It's the summer season and kids are out of school. It is the time to go to the beach, take a break and relax. But it is also the chance to go to the doctor and the dentist to have the whole family checked. I have been doing that for the past 3 years and that's when I discovered that my daughter has scoliosis and that her allergies are that bad. But, because we went there is a great chance for her to improve her health.

But, even if we would like to go, what prevents us from going to the check ups are the costs involved. Having a medical insurance costs very high these days. Not only that, they try to control what the patient may have or undergo. Like for instance, my daughter needed to have an allergy test to identify what food or substance she is allergic to. Unfortunately, our HMO did not allow it so we ended up paying for the test which was rather costly.

To address this problem, some health companies have sprung up. One of them is the Ameriplan Dental and Health Company. These guys not only cost lesser, they attend to all of your health concerns. Ameriplan is a great alternative to the health insurance companies. Why? Because like I said they can let you take your whole family's health problems to them at a fraction of the cost. What's great for me is that they let you go see the dentists. My present HMO does not and it happens to be one of the biggest here. Did I mention they even have a chiropractor?

By the way, Ameriplan is also a great work from home opportunity. I think I'll sign up with them.

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