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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sounding the Alarm on Global Warming

I've read someone's article that said "global warming is a global concern that needs a global action". I absolutely agree. Al Gore's call for cooperation in his film "The Inconvenient Truth" has to be spread to every corner of the earth and to every person whether man or woman, child or adult, rich or poor.

The effects of global warming is already being felt everywhere. Here, in our city, the weather is changing like crazy. It's the summer and yet we have occasional rain which has not happened before. What's worse is the heat - it gets so hot on some days too. No wonder a lot of people are getting sick. It's the drastic change of weather that causes it.

Let's do something about Global warming, shall we? We have a few more years to be able to let the earth recover. Really, just a few more years.

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