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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parents Blamed For Children's Misbehavior?

It bothers me so much when children are exploited. and who's to blame? The parents of course.

Take the case of Miley Cyrus - that sweet girl from Disney's Hannah Montana. My gosh, she's a role model to my daughter, and to millions and millions of her fans. But what do you find her in? An almost porn pose in Vanity Fair. And she's only 15!

What do I have against her parents? Oh just that THEY SHOULD BE SUPERVISING WHAT THEIR DAUGHTER IS DOING! Children are children. They will make mistakes and yes, we should let them make mistakes. But not the ones that can cause them trauma. Like I always say, parents should be their child's ally no matter what.

I sure hope somebody does something about that issue.

So, now I'm asking my daughter to watch other shows she likes. I would prefer Hillary Duff.

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