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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Investing on Swim Gears

As a nurse, I normally advice people to take swimming as a form of exercise. It offers the most extensive workout with less chances of trauma to the body.

My daughter has been under training with the Flying Dolphins Team since last year. She has scoliosis and that sport will be good for her. We used to buy an expensive brand of swimsuits and gears. Lately, the members of the team have one by one changed their swim attires to the long sleeved ones. Naturally, Ikee wanted one too. I, on the other hand, have also agreed for her to buy one of those because it will protect her from the harmful UV rays. But, then again, we just bought one swimsuit for her lately.

Fortunately, we discovered a store in Makati. Just last Wednesday, we bought for her a wet suit (it is used for swim training and diving too), a pair of aqua socks (for her fins), and a long sleeve top. All these we got at the price of just one swim suit and we're so happy about it. Now, I'm thinking of buying some stuff from there and selling it at just a little higher than the price at the store. They have discounts for bulk purchases so that might be a good venture. One problem though is that there's only 1 more month left in the summer break. So, it might not be practical to do the business now. Maybe next year.

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