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Friday, April 11, 2008

Teach in China

I was at one forum lately and one of the topics was whether it is good to teach in China. One person said the salary that one gets is more than enough to live on and even save. Now that we're here in Zhuhai, China, I think he is correct. We don't know how much the cost of living is but even as tourists, it is really cheap here. You can actually live on the equivalent of 2 USD of food per day. We're of course talking about coming here as a contract english teacher. The average salary is about 1,800 USD and some packages even have board and lodging incorporated. It's a matter of negotiating with the employer. What's not so good here though is that they have an almost zero knowledge of English. If you think about it, that's why they're hiring English teachers. That's good. What makes it bad is that you are hardly understood so you usually end up not getting what you want. It's not without a solution. Learn basic cantonese and you'll get around well enough to survive here.

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