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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My 13 Year Old and HTML

My daughter has been told that she'd be one of the contestants in the interschool computer competition. As early as yesterday, she had started to study HTML because according to her it is part of the questions database in the said competition. I'm just a little thrilled to know that she's learning something on her own. I looked for the html tutorial and fortunately found one that's free. She's told me how interesting the programming language is. I believe that. For one , HTML is something that can give you a result in just a couple of minutes of learning it. What to write on? I told her to write about something that she's really interested in. and Yup, she showed me her work today. So far so good. I think she's aiming to have it up before we leave for Macau this weekend.

By the way, she told me about resizing the images. Great news for me as I need to know how to do so for my entrecard widget. Hooray for HTML!

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