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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swimming Course for Php900

A cheap yet great course for your child to take this summer is Red Cross's Water Safety Course. For 900 pesos, a participant can learn to swim 9 strokes including ways to survive in a body of water for a long time - most likely enough time for someone to get rescued.

I believe we all need this. What if you are on a boat that suddenly sinks? Or on a plane that had to crash land on water but eventually went down too? Or would you be able to save a loved one who's drowning or would you just join him sink? I believe these could really happen because I've seen one person die in the sea as he got pushed from the ledge of a boat we were in. Not just that, my daughter, who now has several medals from swimming, almost drowned 4 times while she was young. It was good that she was very small yet then and I had been able to lift her without struggle. But what about now?

Not only is this good for those who do not know how to swim, it is also good for those who do know how to swim but would like to be lifeguards. But you must be physically fit as they will ask you to swim in the sea. The PNRC Rizal Chapter will have one such course this May, 2009. For those interested, please call them at 631-3592.

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