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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mommy Knows Best - A Women's Month Special

Admittedly, no matter how much I refuted the idea in the past, I'm a mommy's girl.

When this month started out, I contemplated on writing about a number of things pertaining to women - their achievement, the best women in the Philippines, my women idols, female diseases, etc. But, I chanced upon this article-research from the OECD -UNESCO which gives a more objective view of the role and importance of women in the education of the children.

For starters, the article entitled
Literacy Skills for the World of Tomorrow - Further results from PISA 2000 says that the mother's time spent with children, her educational attainment and the way she encourages children to read are determinants of how well a child performs in school, (ahem, ahem) among other things such as the financial background of the child and the exposure to classical works.

I, for example, did not grow up with my dad around. In fact, now I realize I hardly knew my father and thatthe time I spent with him when accumulated is probably less than 8 years from the time I was born to the time I graduated from my first course in college. But, modesty aside, I have had several awards - academic, efficiency, loyalty, - in all levels of my education.

Same is true for my husband. His dad died when he was 10. But, he grew up, finished school and now holds a management position. My classmate, who graduated a cum laude, had been raised by a single parent - her mom.

The slogan in Pasig "Babae, Yaman Ka ng Bayan" is aptly stated. In the vernacular it actually translates as woman, you are the country's treasure. And, my mother, she is my treasure and my gift. I truly believe that we are blessed because of our mothers.

Now, who is not a momma's boy or girl?

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