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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Canada Application

As a registered nurse in the Philippines, the past year is really disappointing. There are no jobs nor hospital trainings available for most of us. If there are, which is a rarity, they would either be full or very expensive. Thus, I took 2 alternative courses - the NCLEX and the CARNA.

NCLEX, as you may well know, is the nurse licensure examination required to practice in the US. CARNA, on the other hand, is the licensure exam for Alberta. I sent an application to each one. In fact, I got my eligibility to take the NCLEX. However, I changed my mind. Blame it on the recession and the unstable economy.

Now, I'm actively pursuing the CARNA application for many reasons. Professionally, CARNA will allow me to practice my profession on a temporary visa even while I prepare to take the exam. This, of course, will have some restrictions which I will learn later. But, the idea that Canada is allowing me to practice in their country is encouraging enough.

The good thing is that just barely a month and a half after I started to send my documents, I have already received word from them by email. Twice in fact. Also, I had been given access to my file so that i know that as of this moment I lack just one more document - the IELTS result from the IDP in the Philippines.

The best news, however, is that the employment agencies in Canada do not charge any fees for their services. If I were you, I'd check CARNA out. Better to make informed decisions than jump on a boat without knowing its destination.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! It was very nice meeting you yesterday at the Red Cross. I'm still reading thru the CARNA website and will get in touch with you for more tips. You are definitely heaven sent! :) Have a great day! Cheers! - Loi