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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Keeping Your Kid Busy Without Spending

So how do you keep our kids busy during the summer without spending so much? Here's my strategy.

This summer, I asked my daughter to make a list of those that she wanted to learn. Top priority was photography. I searched through the internet for a site that have tutorials. So far, the one I got was that of the Digital Photography School which has something on Composition and other photography basics. She does it 1 hour each day.

Then came the French lessons which I deemed she needed to learn if our plans to migrate to Canada would push through. With the internet access, she found a french tutorial which she uploaded to her I-pod.

Next, is the usual cooking class we have every year. No doubt and still her favorite, we had pizza during the Holy week. The last ones she had made herself. I of course made the crust.

What did you do?

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