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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your Health In Your Hands

That's my impression of Kaiser Permanente health plans. Ever heard of them? I did when I was in the US. My mom and brother have a health coverage. Well, I thought, they're just one of the HMO's available. Perhaps like mine. But no, it isn't. It's more than just an HMO. It offers you more alternatives in taking control of your own health.
california kaiser health plans

Just how professional are they? Unlike other HMO's, Kaiser health plans manages your health record for you. They have their own medical team that takes care of their clients. Plus the features of california kaiser health plans allows you to choose what coverage you need - individual, family, corporate. Another one that I like is that feature which allows you to save for your health protection - the health savings account. It lets you decide on what to spend your money. It doesn't have a fixed amount because it is a savings account. Thus if you have more money, you can save more. But if you don't, then you just stash away whatever is affordable to you at the moment. Great huh?

I've personally witnessed how the system works because my brother was hospitalized while I was in California. And I can tell you how good they a job they have done. But what are my words compared to what someone has experienced first hand? My brother has beyond just kind words for them. Sadly though, they're just in California. Can't these guys come over to the Philippines too? The Philippines could use a professional service company such as theirs.

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