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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Child Stress

My daughter had to submit her assignment last monday. It was an oratorical piece on "The Youth of Today in a Fast-Paced World". To help her without depriving her of the chance to develop her own writing skill, I asked her to writer her own version and I'd write mine. After that, we'd just fuse both materials together.

As I was working on merging our works, I realized just how stressful it is to be a child nowadays. Demands from both school and home have deprived my child of her youth. Clearly, it is a result of being goal-oriented and the drive to excel in everything that she does.

Stress leads to many wrong things - mentally, physically, socially, etc. It would be unfair to expose the children to so much at a young age. gradually would be better.

What am I saying? well, it's just that our children need our love, support and time. But above those, they also need time to be themselves, to be children, to be carefree and be with friends.

I'm glad Ikee has that with her friends from her swimming team. Perhaps, I should just give her more time to spend with them.

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maxi said...

it's true. life today is very stressful... especially to the kids. they need to meet every demand there is to life... school, friends, people, etc. i hope your kid is able to deal with every bit of stress there is.

anyway, if you have time, please visit my blog, too.