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Friday, October 10, 2008

Semestral Breaks and Holidays are Family Time

It's almost the semestral break in my daughter's school. At least twice in a year, we would like to go out to take a vacation somewhere as a family. It is at this time when I, like a bulb connected to a switch, am set on a hunt for special bargains and travel discounts.

However, this time we may have to forego of the travel plans. Ikee has only 2 days for the semestral break which fall on thursday and friday, and 2 days for the weekend. But that weekend includes one day for the all saints day which is highly celebrated here in the Philippines. People, like us, trot to the cemeteries to pay our respects to the dead members of the family. Unfortunately, Nov. 1 falls on a saturday which makes it inconvenient. Well, Nov. 1 is something short of a reunion anyway so that should do for now.

The next time we may have the opportunity to travel is going to be during the Christmas break. We're considering going to the US to visit my mom and brothers. But going on vacation means we need things like lodging, food and transpo. As the self-declared family tour director and guide, I normally look for resources on the internet including vacation rentals for things like lodging and transportation.

One of the places we have always wanted to bring my daughter to, which we have not yet done, is Florida. My husband, who has been there, highly recommends the holiday spot. He particularly liked Orlando mainly because of the Walt Disney World and we are so looking forward to spending time there. But of course, we're on a budget, as always, and thus I need to look for florida vacation rentals and orlando vacations rentals which may let us keep our expense within our budget. I mean, you know, we don't want to run out of money right in the middle of the trip.

This website,, has practically everything I would need to prepare for a trip to Florida. As we have experienced it, the best and probably the cheapest alternative to a hotel room is having a home rented so that we can do everything that we need there at the same or probably even lesser cost. Let's do the math. For like 130 USD per night, we have 3 rooms which means we can share it with my relatives, we can cook, play, use the internet, swim at a pool, do the laundry. A hotel room would cost us about 65 USD and we'd have to buy food from the resto. we'd have to have the clothes washed at a laundromat to which might cost us a few more dollars. Plus, we won't be able to go picnic which we like. Thus, in my family renting homes will always be a consideration for any vacation that we plan. I do hope our next trip will be to Florida though. As always, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Would 1 week there be enough?

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