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Friday, October 10, 2008

Eco-Friendly Companies: John Aquino

Saving the Earth is everybody's business. Not, just the student who takes it up in class, not just the science teacher's who is tasked to inform the class about the problems in the globe, not just Al Gore's who travels the world to disseminate information about Global warming. Not just theirs but ours too because we are all affected by what is happening to the earth and its atmosphere. Here is one person who is in business because he tries to save the earth by being in the business of solid waste management. I received this one in my inbox lately and I'm glad we have something like this in Manila:

Turn your trash into cash! (call us: 8977199 / 5633027 / 0921-8370993)

Did you know that poorly running air conditioners are not only less cooling & noisy but also consume 50% more electricity than efficiently working ones? Yes. Those sad & tired A/Cs are electricity- gobbling monsters!

TIP! Inefficient air conditioners consume 50% more electricity and malfunction often. You end up wasting more money via your electricity bills and occasional repair fees.

So now you want to sell away & get rid of those old, inefficient, sometimes even irreparable scrap A/Cs right?

But due to the influx of very cheap surplus air conditioners available in the market today… What fool would buy your bad A/C if they could buy very cheap but efficient ones? Right?!?

But because we utilize A/C parts, we'll buy them from you. Yes! We're the fools who'll buy your old inefficient or scrap air conditioners and even pick them up from you!

You can't pass this up now. Sell it now or keep your trash forever!

So convert your bad air conditioners into cash. Free yourself from clutters. Save the environment by letting us recycle your trash and we all win!

Interested? Let us know. (call us: 8977199 / 5633027) FREE PICK-UP SERVICE

We also buy office and home appliances/equipmen ts/furniture/ wares, demolition/renovati on debris, heavy equipments, scrap cars/trucks/ etc., surplus, warehouse stocks, salvage items, etc.

We offer clear up-clean up-pick up services for warehouses, basements, garages.

Do something for your country. Pass this message around. Forward this message to your family and friends. This venture helps both the environment and the economy.

Guess, this would be a good way to clean up while we prepare for christmas huh?

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