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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Standing Firm on My Beliefs

Being an independent minded person is both a blessing a curse. You do what is right but in the process you hit hard on those that get in the way.

During a competition that we recently had, I had to handle the encoding of entries up to the tabulation of the results. My dilemma was that my daughter who was one of the swimmers was erroneously (by accident or by choice)entered in the level lower than what she really is in. During a prior competition she had earned a silver medal which entitled her to a promotion to the next level - from D to C. Now, having competed with the same girls unknowingly, she naturally won the gold. But as I had encountered her name and noticed the error, you can imagine how my thoughts raised. I could just let it pass without anyone noticing. Anyway, it wasn't really my fault that it happened. And my daughter was already rejoicing over the fact that she had taken the top spot in that category. It would be easy to ignore. But I couldn't let her win, Not if she didn't deserve to.

I had been in a consistent battle with the coaches just to let them know about the errors and dishonesty they had been practicing. This one might have been deliberately placed there. We had already issued the reclassification based on the results of the prior swimming competition and anyone could justhave checked her name out and seen it. But no, noone actually cared to check but I. And it did bother me.

Of course she didn't get any medal for that event. She did from other events even when I actually corrected her level. After all, the basis is her swimming time. But I had to tell her why she didn't get that one medal which caused her the trophy she wanted. 3 gold medals would have earned her a trophy. she only got 2. But when she heard my side of the story, she was so proud of me. Virtues can be taught best by experience.

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desperateblogger said...

what's your swim club? is it under the PASA ( phil. amateur swimming association)? my four daughters were formerly competitive swimmers too but this is the first time i've heard of a class c,d in swimming competitions. under PSA, there's only the novice and then the real serious competitors. or have things changed in PASA?