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Monday, January 19, 2009

What have YOU done?


Actually, that should be rephrased to read "what did you do over the christmas season?" Now that I've got your attention, I should just let you know what I did right?

Christmas has always been a busy holiday for me. First, there was the shopping for gifts. As the years pass, our ever-so-large christmas list becomes longer and longer what with the additional inaanaks both for christening and for weddings. Last year, I alone had an additional of at least 4. Even at 14, Ikee has hers already. Boyet didn't have any but he has a new job assignment and has more people to give gifts to.

Then, there was the tiangge. In the Philippines, these small stalls sprout at almost any corner during the yuletide season if only to cater to the huge volume of shoppers. Any place would become an instant flea market where great finds normally await each buyer. We had a 1-day sale here at our condo which also served as a garage sale. I had so many things to sell, both brand new things and used ones, and had earned some money from the sales. But I had to give money to my dad and those that helped me.

Then, there was the annual christmas eve party that I host for my friends and my help, and her family. Of course, I cooked almost everything to make it special.

Shortly after christmas, we flew to Singapore to give Ikee her treat. We had wanted to go to Sagada but our friend, Gutch, and his family, were not available to join us. So, there, Gutch, it's officially your fault. hah! It was great but then you'd have to read my blog over at so I won't have to repeat my story here.

So, what did you do?

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